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    Purchase Nexiq 892021 ABS Suite Software for Pocket iQ

    SKU: 892021
    Nexiq 892021 ABS Suite Software for Pocket iQ


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    The Nexiq Pocket iQ ABS product family provides brake coverage for a wide range of applications, making the Pocket iQ the industry scan tool of choice for heavy-duty brake diagnostics. With the introduction of the ABS Suite, the Pocket iQ is now a full-service brake scan tool, providing connectivity to tractors and trailers utilizing the SAE J1587 communication protocol. The Complete ABS Kit also comes with a new J560 PLC seven-way adapter (available separately) that allows direct conneciton to a trailer without the tractor. With access to a broad array of special test, technicians can quickly and easily obtain a reliable and accurate diagnosis of brake status.

    Basic Functions:

  • Read Fault Codes
  • Clear Fault Codes
  • View Brake Data

    ABS Suite Coverage

  • Meritor WABCO Air and Hydraulic
  • Wabash National MBS-1P and MBS-2
  • Eaton GEN4 and GEN5
  • Haldex PLC, PLC Plus< and PLC Select

    Provides convenient testing of the following:

  • Trailer ABS system with PLC communications
  • Auto detects the OEM's ECU system configuration
  • view and clear current and historic faults
  • Actuate modulators and valves
  • Cycling of the brake retarder relays
  • Testing of battery voltage
  • Wheel sensor testing and traction disabling
  • retrieval of ECU information
  • Testing of the trailer's ABS "Test Warning Lamp"
  • Read trailer odometer/trip distance