ATC ISX Master Cam Timing Tool Kit 3163021 3163069 2892174

    Our Price: $380.00
    Shipping Weight: 11.00 pounds

    Product Description

    This is a ISX master cam timing tool kit that includes, the timing wedges, cam gear puller, and timing pins. The tools included in the kit are as follows:
    • Part # ATC20161 For Cummin ISX Timing Wedge Kit This includes the 4, (qty 2) 6, and 7 degree wedges, as well at the 4.25, 4.5, and 4.75 degree wedges, and timing pin
    • Part # ATC3163069 Cummins ISX Injector Cam gear Puller 3163069
    • Part # ATC2892174 Cummins ISX 11.9 CM 2250 Timing Pin Kit
    This is all included in a carrying case.