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    Purchase K-Line KL50000 Counter Bore Cutter Base Tool Kit

    SKU: KL-50000
    K-Line KL50000 Counter Bore Cutter Base Tool Kit


    Shipping Weight: 28.00


    The K-Line 50000 Counter Bore Cutting Tool is a precision instrument designed to re-surface the counter bore ledge and provide the correct cylinder liner protrusion for the engine cylinder liner, all in a fraction of the time!

    The specific cutter heads are not included in this kit, but are available for purchase seperately.  
    No special bases required.
    The procedure can be performed with the engine in or out of the chassis.
    Does not require the operator to apply any downward force.
    Spring Plungers located in the Base Assembly apply all the downward pressure that the tool requires.
    No power tools required. Tool rotation is done by hand only.
    Set the tool one time and resurface all counter bores for the entire engine block, saving you time and money

    This K-Line 50000 Counter Bore Cutting Kit Includes:
    • Base Assembly
    • Bolt Standoffs
    • Stop Collar
    • T-Handle Allen Wrench
    • Foam Plugs for Cutter
    • Spacer
    • Shim Set
    Counter Bore Cutter Head Tool Kits Available For Purchase Seperately:
    • KL-50001: International DT 466, DT 530, HT 570,  MAXXFORCE DT, 9L, 10L
    • KL-50003: Detroit Diesel
    • KL-50004: Cat 3406B
    • KL-50005: Cummins ISX
    • KL-50006: CAT C-13

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