T & E Tools 4043 8 Piece Diesel Injector Seat Cutter Set

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    Code: TE4043
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    Product Description

       This T&E Tools 4043 8 piece set allows the user to re-Face the diesel injector seat in order for the new or reconditioned injector to be fitted. This tools helps to avoid the high risk of "blow by" caused by the build up of carbon deposits. This set is compatible for all modern common rail diesel engines.This set includes special reamer cutter for cleaning the injector base, and a blow molded case for easy storage.
    Sizes Included in this set: 15 x 19MM Flat Reamer, 17 x 17mm Angled Reamer, 17 x 17 Flat Reamer, 17 x 19MM Flat Reamer, 17 X 21MM Angled Reamer, 19 x 19MM Injector Cleaner Reamer, 7MM Pilot Post, and a T-handle driver