Instruction Resource Center

The instruction manuals and guides listed below are provided as a courtesy to our customers and should be considered as a reference only. Please refer to your service manual for current procedures. Apex Tool Company, Inc. assumes no responsibility or liability for the content or use of such instruction guides.

Caterpillar Service Bulletin Installing Bushings Cat 3400 Instructions

Diesel Engine Saddle Fix Instructions

J29109 Universal Engine Stand Instructions

J42083 Caterpillar Timing Lock Pin Instructions

PF-100 Porta Flux Kit instructions

PM-825 ST1168 Porta Matic Instructions

PT 6390 Valve Seat Remover Instructions

PT 7300 PT 7310 Crack Repair Instructions

PT-1000 PT-1050 Porta Tool Line Bore Bar instructions

PT-1050 Line Bore Instructions

PT-1200 Line Bore Instructions

PT-1200 Universal Line Bore Bar Instructions

PT-1250 Line Bore Bar Instructions

PT-1300 Line Bore Conversion Kit Instructions

PT-1320 Cam Bore Conversion Instructions

PT-1400 Caterpillar Line Bore Instructions

PT-1500 Industrial Line Bore Instructions

PT-1600 Thrust Cutting Instructions

PT-1705 Cam Bore Bar Instructions

PT-2000 Porta Matic Instructions

PT-2000-180 Dual Cutter Plate Instructions

PT-2000-207 Cutter Plate Instructions

PT-2000-215 Depth Set Gauge Instructions

PT-2050-C Porta Matic Instructions

PT-2050-D Porta Matic Instructions

PT-2060 Conversion Kit Instructions

PT-2075 3 legged Porta Matic Instructions

PT-2080 Komatsu Counterbore Sleeving Tool Instructions

PT-2100 Porta Matic Instructions

PT-2200 PT-2250 B Counterbore Tool Instructions

PT-2200-40 PT-2200-42 PT-2200-46 Cutter Plate Replacement Instructions

PT-2200-72 3823373 Cutter Plate Instructions

PT-2200-72A 3823373 Adjustable Cutter Plate Instructions

PT-2200-83 Spacer Block Instructions

PT-2200-B PT-2250-B Universal Counterbore Tool Instructions

PT2205 Cummins Only Counterbore Tool Instructions

PT-2210-A MidStop Counterbore Tool Instructions

PT-3600 Chamfering Tool Instructions

PT-5010 Concentricity Gauge Instructions

PT-5050 Injection Protrusion Checker Instructions

PT-5075B Deck Checker Instructions

PT-6004 injector Puller Instructions

PT-6040 Injector Puller Instructions

PT-6100 Injector Sleeve Remover Instructions

PT-6405-1 Liner Puller Ring Instructions

PT6510-2A Acc Drive Pulley Installer L10 Instructions

PT-6556 Cam Shaft Pilot Tool Instructions

RE-226 Rear Ender Instructions

Robinaire Freon Recovery Recycling Station Instructions

Service Bolt Kit for Adjustable Cutter Plates Instructions

UPB-300 Lower Bore Sleeving Tool Instructions


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