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    Nut Drivers, Star/Hex Handrivers & Screwdrivers

    Apex Tool Company carries a wide variety of professional quality screwdrivers, nut driver, and torx screwdrivers. We have everything from Insulated electrician screwdrivers to super long lasting G2 screwdrivers. Don't miss the Genius nut drivers - these are some of the finest nut drivers that we have ever seen. We also carry tight quarter angle screwdrivers to get in super tight places - we swear the engineer had to be chuckling when they designed it.

    If you need to torque screwdriver to make sure that it is just to the right spec look no further - the Genius brand of Torque screwdrivers passed our in-house test as the most accurate torque screwdriver we tested.

    If you need a good prying screwdriver, go check out our prybars and put the screwdriver back in the drawer.