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    Upgrading the Porta-Tool PT-2000

    Today we are going to cover upgrading an original Porta-Tool PT-2000 Top Deck Sleeving tool to be able to cut for the new lower press fit and DDA 60 Series sleeve. The tool unfortunately as shipped from the factory does not have enough travel to cut these bushings.

    Porta-Tool PT-2000 with ball intact


    Step one: Unfortunately I did this part before I thought about writing an article on it. You will need to remove the ball from the top of the unit. These are held on with retaining compound Loctite. You will most likely have to break it off. Here's what I did - I just hit the center of the ball with a angle punch and that did the trick.

    Porta-Tool PT-2000 after ball removed


    Step two: Now unscrew and remove the depth collar. You will probably need to heat the brass insert from the ball to get it to remove. A small torch will do the trick. If you hit it with the cutting torch, we probably will have to sell you a new tool.

    Porta-Tool PT-2000 after depth collar removed


    Step three: Your tool should look like the image above when you are done. You can run a thread chaser down the threads to remove any Loctite however this step is not necessary and we will not be doing it for this demo.

    depth collar


    Step four: Send your depth collar out to a local machine shop to have the depth collar milled down.  Leave about 2 rows of knurling. Make sure that the machine shop knows this needs to be within a .001” of being flat. If you go with the hacksaw, sawsall or chop saw route, you are probably going to have to buy a new tool because these collars are no longer made.


    Porta-Tool PT-2000 after upgrading


    And now this should be what your finished product looks like!  With removing the material from the depth collar, your tool now has about .800 of travel.

    If anyone is interested in making your tool look as good as this one Sherman Williams should have this paint in their system. It is called Porta-Tool Green. If you can't find it at your local Sherman Williams, you can email me and I will give you the mixing code.

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