Nexiq 181080 Pocket iQ

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    Product Description

    This is the new Pocket iQ 181080 made by Nexiq Technologies. This scan tool is a great addition to any shop. It doesn't matter if you are covering a large fleet or monitoring just a truck or two, this smart and handy tool makes it easy to collect critical truck performance data. The Pocket iQ is quick and easy to operate. With the Pocket iQ you be able to read reports on engine and transmission functions, and it also covers brakes. With It’s compact size and user-friendly features you can take your data gathering to a whole new level.
    With the 181080 Pocket iQ you will be able to monitor all vehicle data, and checks engine speed/load, pressures, temperatures, and other data. You will be able to reads active fault codes, as well as read and clear inactive fault codes. This unit also displays trip data, collects and stores data from multiple vehicles. The collected data can then be stored in PDF or text format.  The pocket iQ provides both J1587 and J1939 data.