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    Purchase K-LINE 1575M Metric Dowel Puller Kit

    SKU: KLINE-501575M
    K-LINE 1575M Metric Dowel Puller Kit


    Shipping Weight: 9.00


    This is a Metric dowel puller kit made by K Line tools. This kit features a slide hammer type puller that removes dowel pins from cylinder heads, blocks, crankshafts, flywheels, etc. This kit makes the job fast and easy. Simply mount the correct size collet on the shaft, place over the dowel pin, use a downward motion with the sliding weight to lock the collet and an upward motion to pull the dowel. To release the collet, insert into the release stand and tap downward on the shaft end with a small hammer. This kit includes Sliding Weight, Collet Closer, Release Stand, 4mm (.158) Dowel Puller Collet, 5mm (.197) Dowel Puller Collet, 6mm (.236) Dowel Puller Collet, and 8mm (.315) Dowel Puller Collet. Collets and Mandrel are equipped with 1/2 - 20 threads. This kit is supplied in a blow molded storage case. 

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