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    Purchase T & E Tools A1096 Hydraulic Hub Separator

    SKU: TEA1096
    T & E Tools A1096 Hydraulic Hub Separator


    Shipping Weight: 20.00


    This Hydraulic Hub Separator consist of a 10 ton hydraulic ram complete with mechanical spindle and five conical washers and nuts.
    There are two extractor plates- one for four stud hubs and the other for five stud hubs.
    They both have a circle diameter range of 96mm to 126mm and are suitable for most European, Japanese, Australian and Asian vehicles.
    Four Stud Hub: Honda Accord, Toyota, Mitsubishi
    Five Stud Hub: Mercedes Benz, BMW
    Circle Diameters: 96mm to 126mm
    Hydraulic Force: 10 ton
    Hydraulic pump not included