695021 Nexiq Pocket iQ Complete ABS Kit and Diagnostic Scanner.

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    This is a Nexiq 695021 Pocket iQ Complete ABS Kit and Diagnostic Scanner. The Pocket iQ Complete ABS Kit provides brake coverage for a wide range of applications. With the Pocket iQ scan tool and the  introduction of the ABS Suite, this kit is now a full-service brake scan tool, providing connectivity to tractors and trailers utilizing the SAE J1587 communication protocol. The Pocket iQ Complete ABS Kit also comes with a new J560 PLC seven-way adapter that allows direct connection to a trailer without the tractor. This kit is very user friendly and, with access to a broad array of special tests, technicians can quickly obtain a reliable and accurate diagnosis of brake status. This is the new Pocket IQ brake link # 695021, and replaces the old part # 692021. With this scan tool , the user will be able to read fault codes, clear fault codes, and view brake data. The pocket iq kit will also provide convenient testing of the following: Trailer ABS system with PLC communications,  Auto detects the OEM’s ECU system configuration, View and clear current and historic faults, Actuate modulators and valves, Cycling of the brake retarder relays, Testing of battery voltage, Wheel sensor testing and traction disabling, Retrieval of ECU information, Testing of the trailer’s ABS “Test Warning Lamp”, Read trailer odometer/trip distance. This Nexiq 695021 Pocket iQ Complete ABS Kit includes the Pocket iQ with the heavy duty standard software preloaded to the scanner, the ABS Suite software, and the Universal J560 PLC Adapter. The ABS Suite software covers:  BENDIX,  Meritor WABCO®—Includes Air (Tractor and Trailer), Hydraulic (Tractor), and OnGuard CMS, Wabash National MBS-1P and MBS-2, Eaton GEN4 and GEN5, Haldex PLC, PLC Plus, and PLC Select.

    The pocket iq, the ABS Suite software, and the J560 PLC seven-way adapter are available for purchase seperately.  
    This kit does not include part # 424001 J560 PLC Trailer Cable Set

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