ATC37720 For Mack E6 E7 E9 Roller Lifter Tappet Holding Kit J-37720C

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    Mack ATC37720 Roller Lifter Tappet Holding Kit for use on the Mack E6, E7 & E9, The ATC 37720C the rods should be screwed together. They are manufactured in 2 parts to allow for use in tight fit RD Cabs To Use: Lower the rods into the push rod opening until contact is made with the roller lifter/tappet. Slowly lift the tool slightly until the lifter/tappet clears the camshaft lobe. Slide the grommet (included) down the shaft to hold the rod up. Repeat on all cylinders. The camshaft is now ready for removal. Always refer to your service manual for most up to date instructions. Equivalent to J-37720-C