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    Purchase ATCL-847 Wheel Hub Lock Tool

    SKU: ATCL-847
    ATCL-847 Wheel Hub Lock Tool


    Shipping Weight: 1.00


    This is a wheel hub lock tool, that works on any vehicle with wheel stud bolt patterns ranging from: 4x100mm to 4x114.3mm (4”x4.5”), 5x100mm to 5x139.7mm (5”x5.5”), 6x114.3mm (6x4.5”) to 6x139.7mm (6”x5.5”), 8x165.1mm (8x6.5”) to 8x1703mm. This tools is used to hold the wheel hub in place while the axle nut is removed or installed, for axle or whell bearing service. This tool can also be used to hold the rear differential yoke on solid axle vehicles during pinion seal or bearing service. This wheel hub lock tools is made to attach to 1/2” square drive breaker bar.