Compression adapter M12 X 1.25 Glow Plug Audi, BMW, Deutz, GMC, Isuzu, Lincoln, Mercedes Benz, Nissa

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    Compression Adapter M12 X 1.25 glow plug. Audi (1982-83) 4000, 4000 Quattro 1.6L, (1979-85) 5000 Quattro 2.0L, BMW 2.4L MFI Turbo, Deutz W?M12x1.25 Glow plug, GMC W4, W7, W7HV,Isuzu (1998-Present) 4HE1-TC (Up to -1998) 6HK1-TC, Lincoln (1984-85 cars) MarkVII, Continental 2.4L MFI Turbo, Mercedes Benz (1978-99) Models WM12 x1.25 (1988-89) 190E 2.5L, (1991-99) E300, (1992-95) 300 SD/S350, Nissan (1981) 810 2.8L Datsun RD28, (1982-83) Maxima 2.8L RD28,Volvo Model 30's 40's Use with ATC Compression Gauge