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    Purchase RR1000CL Eaton Roadranger clutch service kit

    SKU: ATCRR1000CL
    RR1000CL Eaton Roadranger clutch service kit


    Shipping Weight: 29.00


    RR1000CL Eaton Roadranger Clutch service Set Includes six different tools to assist in everything from proper shaft alignment, to measuring proper clearance, bushing installation and resetting the cam tab. KIT CONTENTS: PART # DESCRIPTION RR1001CL Cross Shaft Bushing Driver RR1002CL 1 3/4" 10-Spline Alignment Shaft RR1003CL 2" 10-Spline Alignment Shaft RR1005CL Clutch Release Tool RR1007CL Clutch Measurement Tool RR1009CL 2" 14-Spline Alignment Shaft