Genius CW-408MS 8 Piece Metric & SAE Car Wheel 1/2" Thin Wall Deep Impact Socket and Torque Extensi

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    Code: CW-408MS
    Shipping Weight: 6.00 pounds

    Product Description

    1/2" Dr. 6 pt. Metric Thin Wall Deep Impact Sockets

        Yellow    17 mm - With Yellow Plastic Sleeve
        Red    19 mm (3/4") - With Red Plastic Sleeve
        Orange    21 mm - With Orange Plastic Sleeve

    1/2" Dr. 6 pt. SAE Thin Wall Deep Impact Sockets

        Blue    13/16" - With Blue Plastic Sleeve

    1/2" Dr. Torque Extension Bar

      Yellow    80 ft. lb. (110 Nm)
       Red    90 ft. lb. (120 Nm)
       Blue    100 (135 Nm)
       Orange    110 ft. lb. (150 Nm)

     Includes Plastic Tray

    Torque Extension Bars:
    Torque Extensions are designed for 1/2" Dr. impact wrench rated 380-420; 3/4" Dr. impact wrench rated 750; 1" Dr. impact wrench rated 1,500
    Helps prevent over-torquing of wheel nuts and can minimize wheel distortion.
    The unique design allows the length and diameter of the torque extension shaft to flex with each blow of the impact wrench once the specified torque is reached.
    Accurate to within 4%.