M50129 For Mack E7 Counterbore Shim Cutter Plate

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    Product Description

    M50129 Mack E7 For use on M50134 PT 2210 Counterbore Tool. This plate replaces PT2210-3A. Measure counterbore at 4 points on 90 degree points and figure the correct amount that needs removed from the shallowest point. Loosen the two cutter bit hold down screws and back off bit. Center the counterbore tool and torque to 50ftlb. Do not over torque the tool and do not allow the bit to touch the block when centering. Advance the cutter out to touch the counterbore wall and tighten down the bit. Do not over tighten. You are now ready to counterbore. Always refer to your service manual for correct procedure.

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