OTC-1179 Silver Slapper 8-Way Slide Hammer Set

    Our Price: $137.00
    Code: OTC-1179
    Shipping Weight: 2.00 pounds

    Product Description

    "# Use for 2/3-way internal or external jobs. # Pull flange-type rear axles, stubborn oil seals and bearings, and other press-fit parts. # Contents: No. 1155 Slide hammer w/5 lb. hammer No. 7372 Rear axle pulling attachment No. 24544 3-way cross-head No. 24545 Cone No. 27241 2-way cross-block No. 27315 Puller hook attachment No. 34698 Pulling jaws (3) for internal or external pulling jobs No. 205378 Grip wrench adapter w/single lead (wrench not included) No. 205377 Dent puller attachment"