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    Purchase OTC-1944 Budd Wheel Socket Set (5 piece)

    SKU: OTC-1944
    OTC-1944 Budd Wheel Socket Set (5 piece)


    Shipping Weight: 15.00


    "One each of the sockets listed below comes in a convenient storage box. The metric sizes work on the import truck Budd wheels, and the 1-1/2 hex is for American-made trucks with dual rear wheels. Extra deep design lets you remove both nut and stud with just one socket. Useable with a 1 square drive impact wrench. Contents: No. 1945A -1 35mm hex; No. 1946A -1 38mm hex; No. 1947A -1 41mm hex; No. 1948A -1 33mm hex; No. 1949A -1 1-1/2 hex."