OTC 27793 "Custom-Made" Driver Tools Starter Set

    Our Price: $220.00
    Code: OTC-27793
    Shipping Weight: 5.00 pounds

    Product Description

    With this kit you can have the proper-size driver for nearly any automotive seal, bearing, or bushing installation job.

    • Starter set includes a handle and discs (5/8" to 2" diameter, in 1/8" increments) specially selected to provide the driver sizes usually needed in automotive service.
    • All discs are 1/2" thick.
    • Set Includes:
      Cap Screw
      Cap Screw
      Cap Screw
      Cap Screw
      Cap Screw
      Small Handle
      Disc, 5/8" dia.
      Disc, 3/4" dia.
      Disc, 7/8" dia.
      Disc, 1" dia.
      Disc, 1-1/8" dia.
      Disc, 1-1/4" dia.
      Disc, 1-3/8" dia.
      Disc, 1-1/2" dia.
      Disc, 1-5/8" dia.
      Disc, 1-3/4" dia.
      Disc, 1-7/8" dia.
      Disc, 2" dia.
      Allen Wrench

      Also includes plastic blow mold case for easy storage.