OTC 4534 7-Ton Multi Purpose Bearing & Puller Set

    Our Price: $180.00
    Code: OTC-4534
    Shipping Weight: 10.00 pounds

    Product Description

    Includes a bearing/pulley tool solution featuring a classic 'H" Bar style puller block
    accommodating 7" to 11" application spread.
    • Comes with 2 sets of forged jaws for a pulling reach range of 5" to 9"
     Tempered for heavy-duty applications.
     Two forcing screws are included for short and long pulls.
    • Provides technicians and shops with a solution for many applications like
    heavy-duty pinion bearings, side bearings, alternators, generators, power steering and
    crankshaft pulleys, timing gears and harmonic balancers.
    • Deep set transmission gears and A/C clutches.
    Roller gears on tracked vehicles,
    Locking collars on pivot shafts.