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    Purchase SP 15300 6 Piece EGT Sensor Socket Set

    SKU: SP15300
    SP 15300 6 Piece EGT Sensor Socket Set


    Shipping Weight: 3.00


    This set of sockets is made to remove exhaust temperature sensors. Due to heat cycles and the corrosive environment in the modern diesel exhaust system the EGT sensors become very difficult to remove without damaging them. This set of sockets is designed to drive all 6 sides of the hex equally to reduce the chance of damage. The 3 different sizes and two different styles will remove most EGT sensors used on cars, light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks. The 3 sizes included in the kit are: 13mm, 14mm, and 17mm. The two configurations, offset and in line, are made to fit a wide variety of applications. This comes with a case, for easy storage.