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    Purchase T & E Tools 1882 Pneumatic Dent Puller

    SKU: TE1882
    T & E Tools 1882 Pneumatic Dent Puller


    Shipping Weight: 9.20


    • This pneumatic dent puller has 3lb. slide hammer and is fitted with a brass shut off valve
    • It includes three different size screw on suction pads.
    • Easy to operate just select the correct size pad to remove the dent, apply shop air and use the slide hammer.
    • Compressed air is exhausted through the handle and unit is fitted with 13"(330mm) inlet hose with 1/4"NPT air plug
    • Slide Hammer Length: 24"(600mm)
    Screw On Suction Pad Sizes Included:
    • 60mm, 120mm, and 150mm