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    Purchase T & E Tools 4132 Twin OHC Valve Lifter

    SKU: TE4132
    T & E Tools 4132 Twin OHC Valve Lifter


    Shipping Weight: 7.00


    This T&E Tools Twin OHC Valve Lifter features a new design with centrally locating stem which passes down into spark plug orifice and screws into plug hole thread. This tool has a dual function center pivot stem that also serves as an air-hold complete with quick coupler nipple. Includes 3 recessed open sided valve spring compressor adaptors, sizes as follows:
    • Small Size: 5/8" to 15/16" or 16mm to 24mm
    • Medium Size: 3/4" to 1" or 19mm to 25mm
    • Large Size: 15/16" to 1.13/16" or 24mm to 30mm
    Also Includes three different sizes of centre bushings for stem location, and case for easy storage