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    Purchase T & E Tools 4426N Motorcycle Compression Gauge

    SKU: TE4426N
    T & E Tools 4426N Motorcycle Compression Gauge


    Shipping Weight: 3.00


    This T&E Tools motorcycle compression gauge, features screw in adaptors with O-rings guarantee professional accuracy and a positive 100% seal. This set includes: 2 1/2"(65mm) Rubber insulated gauge with pressure release button and quick connect chuck. Straight push in type steel test hose adaptor fitted with tapered rubber cone. 16"Flexible hose with quick release coupling for attaching four screw in adaptors:
    Adaptor Sizes Included in Kit: 10mm x 1.0mm, 12mm x 1.25mm, 14mm x 1.25mm long (with Schrader valve) Vertical head flexible hose for connecting right angle extension for deep cylinders. ( Kymco Motor Cycles) Dual Gauge Readings: 0 to 300psi (0 to 21bar) Gauge Diameter: 2.1/2"(65mm). This tool is supplied in a blow molded case for easy storage.