T & E Tools YC705 Hydraulic / Separator Puller Kit

    Our Price: $280.50
    Code: TEYC705
    Shipping Weight: 34.50 pounds

    Product Description

    • Remove gears, bearing cones, and all other parts that puller jaws cannot reach behind.
    • The two knife edge plates are flush one side to ease the pull and reduce the risk of damage to the part.
    • With the advantage of hydraulic power.
    • Set Includes:
    • Bearing Separator 150mm cap.
    • 2-Way Cross Block 250mm x 65mm
    • Hydraulic Ram 10 Ton
    • 2-Main Rod 180mm x 5/8" x 11tpi
    • 2-Extn. Rod 180mm x 5/8" x 11tpi
    • Stepped Plate Adaptor
    • 1" Ram Exension Cap
    • 2"(50mm) Ram Extension
    • 4"(100mm) Ram Extension
    • Metal storage box