Genius TO-405EXT 5 Piece 1/2" Dr. Torque Extension Bar Set

    Our Price: $83.17
    Code: TO-405EXT
    Shipping Weight: 4.00 pounds

    Product Description

    Item No. Color Description
    487065 Green 65 Nm)
    487080 Yellow 80 Nm)
    487100 Blue 100 Nm)
    487120 Gray 120 Nm)
    487140 White 140 Nm)
    Blow Case

    Torque Extension Bars:
  • Torque Extensions are designed for 1/2" Dr. impact wrench rated 380-420; 3/4" Dr. impact wrench rated 750; 1" Dr. impact wrench rated 1,500
  • The various drive sizes and torque limits allow use of any impact socket with a torque extension to match the different lug nut sizes found on vehicles
  • Helps prevent over-torquing of wheel nuts and can minimize wheel distortion.
  • The unique design allows the length and diameter of the torque extension shaft to flex with each blow of the impact wrench once the specified torque is reached.
  • Accurate to within 4%.
  • All Genius Tools Come With a Lifetime* Warranty