Apex TP-2020 Solenoid Valve 12VDC for TR-2001

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    Code: TP-2020
    Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds

    Product Description

    Solenoid Valve for theTeleflex TR-2001 governor 12 VDC Engine Governor. This solenoid valve is used to repair the following conditions. Governor not turning on or off. Governor leaking fuel from the top on the unit. If your yellow coil turns black and is working you do not need to replace the unit. Caution needs to be taken when replacing the solenoid. These solenoids do not have a diaphragm like the one on a TR-1001. The tight wound part of the spring goes in the plunger so it is showing. The Plunger goes in the shaft of the solenoid so the rubber part of the plunger makes contact with the governor. When installed correctly in the shaft it should bounce under finger pressure.

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