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    Purchase ZTSE4515C Rear seal Installer International MaxxForce

    SKU: ZTSE4515C
    ZTSE4515C Rear seal Installer International MaxxForce


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    ZTSE4515C Real seal installer International Maxxforce VT 365 engine. Using the tool: first step is to clean the flange with solvent. Apply 360 degree bead of loctite to rear crankshaft flange. Install base of installer using alignment dowel. Place new seal and wear sleeve on hub of installer. Warning do not separate seal from wear sleeve as this will damage seal. Only use 50/50 mix of detergent & water for lubrication. Do not apply oil. Apply flange and forcing nut to hub. Tighten drive nut by hand only do not use impact until bottoms out. This insures correct depth. As always refer to your service manual for correct procedure.