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    Outside Damaged and Dirty Thread Repair

    I know at one time or another everyone has ran into damaged threads.  Somebody has cross threaded a nut or it is old and rusty. My most recent experience is with cheap imported lug nuts. I was torquing the lug nuts to the proper 65ftlbs, and pulled the threads out of a couple of lug nuts. Exactly how cheap is a lug nut that will not take 65ftlbs? Find out what tools are out there to make your life easier.


    standard die for cutting new threads

    For starters, this is a standard die. Its main purpose in life is cutting new threads. That is what it is intended to do and it will cause you much heartache if it is used for other purposes. It is almost impossible to get one started on a cross threaded bolt.  They can be used to clean a bolt up but there are better choices that will not damage the bolt or stud. SAE Set from $10-$100 depending on quality. Don’t buy these off the tool truck. Hansen makes some of the best taps and dies.

    thread cleaning files

    In my opinion every tool box should have a set of thread files like the ones pictured above.  The one pictured is an SAE and covers both fine and course threads. It runs about $12. What this will allow you to do is go back behind to good clean threads and slowly straighten and remove damaged areas. It is slow but it works very well.

    thread cleaning dies

    If you do much work item shown above is a must. They look like a common die but are really thread cleaning dies. They will not cut new threads and do not work well on damaged threads. For that rusty clogged and nasty stud, nothing is better to make the threads like new. These were a lifesaver on the pulled thread lug nut studs. The nicest thing is that they just clean the grooves and do not cut new threads. SAE NC/NF10pc  set about $13.

    outside thread chaser

    Shown above is an outside thread chaser. It comes in a few different varieties.  You start it off in good threads and slowly turn backwards. The high carbon blades will clean and cut out the damaged threads. I know many times I wish I had one. About $45.

    Murray split die

    Above is a Murray split die. I love the concept but hate the price. This one die was $18 on Amazon. It is spring loaded so you just take it beyond the damage then let it spring back together on good threads and back off with a normal socket. 

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