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    Apex Ring Compressor Versus Amazon/Ebay Ring Compressor

    Apex Ring Compressor Versus Amazon Ebay Ring Compressor

    I have been seeing the copy of our diesel ring compressor on both Amazon and Ebay. We went with a unique handle design and they have the same look. After hearing complaints on these, I thought I will just order one on Amazon and take a look.

    Initial reaction on unboxing my Amazon ATC7040 Clone was that it looked horrible. The ring compressor had surface rust, the retaining pin was not hooked to the tool and the machining was visibly out of round. I needed to grab one of ours, a set of calipers and head to my office to check them out.

    Now is the time to start measuring these out and see how they do. I originally thought to grab a set of inside mics but I do not think I need to be that exact on this.

    My first measurement will be at 90° to the handles. Apex 5.3890 Amazon 5.4055 (calipers laid on ring compressor for photo)

    My second measurement will be even with the handles. Apex 5.3910 Amazon 5.3185

    My last measurement will be at 45° to the handles Apex 5.3905 Amazon 5.3855

    I do have concerns that the pin rattles in the hole on the handles of the Amazon ring compressor. The proper procedure for this ring compressor is to gently squeeze the ring compressor together and the pin will drop in the hole when it is compressed correctly. As out of round/size as the Amazon ring compressor is it will never close anyways so an oversize pin hole does not really matter.

    If you want to buy a quality diesel ring compressor that is Cast and Machined in the USA (Indiana) We hope you keep us in mind.

    Apex Tool Company

    Columbus, IN

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