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    A Fun Look at Some Old Tool Finds

    A Fun Look at Some Old Tool Finds

    Today is going to be just a fun blog. We are getting ready for a major undertaking of use and repair of both the top deck sleever and counterbore tools. Look for these in the next few months.  Today I decided to try and clean out my photo room or closet as I like to call it. It has become a catch all for everything that nobody wants to deal with. Needless to say if I am going to put a full size Cummins block in it everything must go. This is just a fun little look at the odd old stuff that is floating around the building. I think the employees are trying to give me a hint that I need to list this stuff on Ebay.

    Rays socket set

    I personally think this was the find of the day. I have no idea how we ended up with a pre-war Rays socket set. The best my research can show me is these are for a Packard. I think I may have to hang on to this set for a while. A good cleaning and they will be good as new.

    Vintage Black & Decker Sander Polisher

    This is something else, I have no idea why we have this but it is an old Black and Decker sander/polisher. Sorry I did not plug it in and see if it still worked. But this is really cool, I might have to hang on to this. If you notice a trend I am not really getting anything out of my photo room.

    Vintage monkey wrench set

    I cannot remember the last time I actually used one of these but I am thinking maybe I need to take a few of these home and make up a tool kit for my Model A’s. If you have never had the chance to look at the craftsmanship on these old tools it is absolutely amazing. I am not really sure why they call it a monkey wrench.

    vintage square drives

    These are both square drives and I'm not really sure what they were used for. I love them and wish I had a set of nut drivers and allen wrenches made like this. I have seen piano tuning tools like this but cannot see us having those in our building.

    vintage mystery tool

    Ok I may have used this thing in a blog before but I have no clue to what it is. Is it a wrench? Is it a plug tool? It looks cool and I will have to stick with that. If anyone has an idea of what this is, please contact me and let me know. I would love to solve the mystery.

    vintage tool maybe for canning?

    I almost think this is a canning tool. I have to admit I have used this a lot in my parts washer. Just a nice super heavy duty funnel with a screen. Never pass up the chance to look at kitchen gadgets at the flea market. I would hate to see what Snap-On wanted for something made like this.

    Vintage tap /drill guide Lufkin

    Ok for all you youngsters this is what we had to do before the internet. I wish I had one of these when I was doing more of this. I kept having to refer to my machinist handbook. These were great advertisements. Give someone something useful and they will hang on to it. It is a tap/drill guide for anyone needing a hint.

    vintage mini hammer with chisel

    I guess I have to say I am ready for the zombie apocalypse if they are the size of elves. It would be interesting to find the original uses for these. The round object in the picture is a quarter. I have seen many mini hammers before but never with a full size chisel built in. The mini tomahawk is a puzzler. Maybe a 4 year old needed to pull his own weight and go chop wood in the 1930’s?

    Vintage mini floor jack

    I am not sure but I guess even Barbie cars need a tire change once in a while. Sorry I had to play with this, you know you would have as well. This little floor jack had no trouble picking up my steel work bench. I am actually really impressed.


    Like all good things, this has to come to an end.  I am definitely stretching the term "good things" by connecting it to this blog. This thought keeps running through my mind,  "we are an auto/diesel tool company. Why do we have a transit?"

    As always happy wrenching and keep an eye out for our upcoming blogs. My next one will be on leveling a counter bore tool not cutting parallel to the block deck.


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