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    Using The Timing Wedges For Cummins ISX Engines

    Using The Timing Wedges For Cummins ISX Engines

    General Instructions For Using The Timing Wedges For Cummins ISX Engines

    Here are some quick tips and ideas for you to time the Cummins ISX. As always, you should refer to your owner’s manual for the most current and complete information.

    The most important thing to remember before you begin is that the timing pin needs to be installed BEFORE the gears are removed. You also need to be sure that the pin remains seated until all the gears are tightened. Failure to do so can result in improper timing and possible engine failure.

    Step 1:

    Turn the crankshaft in a clockwise direction. Look for the ‘insert pin’ indicator with is on the outside diameter of the engine vibration damper - that must be aligned with the marking on the gear housing.

    Step 2:

    From timing pin boss, remove plug and register Crankshaft Locking Pin (3163020) into the boss hole. In this instance, the green band on the timing pin and the surface of the timing pin boss of block are aligned.

    If the green band is not fully visible outside the block (or not visible at all), you have incorrectly seated the pin in the crank notch.  Note: The pin should be fully seated to lock the crankshaft in place.

    Step 3:

    Remove the following:

    EGR Crossover Tube

    Rocker Lever Cover

    Rocker Lever Gasket

    (Caution: Review the timing code located on the engine data plate. Forcing the wedge into place may potentially cause damage to the engine)

    Step 4:

    Once the correct timing wedge is inserted to lock valve camshaft, lightly tap the top of the timing wedge using a mallet. If done correctly, it will be properly seated.

    Step 5:

    Remove the following:

    Camshaft Position Sensor

    Upper Gear Cover

    Crankshaft Position Sensor

    Lower Gear Cover (if required)

    Once again, it’s important to check your owners manual for the most current information. The information provided here is a guideline and Apex Industries can not be held accountable for any damage caused by this information.

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