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    Porta-Tool Porta-Matic PM-825 ST-1168 Instructions

    The downloads below are the scanned instructions for the Porta-Tool PM-825, ST-1168. These instructions will also work for the PT2000, PT2050A, PT2050B. This is the number one item we have requested from our archive of obsolete Porta-Tool Products. As with everything please check your shop manual for correct boring sizes. These instructions were published on 5/79 so engines specs have changed a little bit since then. 

    A couple of things to point out. These tools use 30W non detergent oil. If you have a seal leaking, these are standard commercially available seals. However, they varied a little through production. I just take the old seal into our local Industrial supply and match it up when we have one to replace.

    These instructions are from our personal library.  If you have any questions about these old tools feel free to call me.

    -- Fred Neff

    Instructions for the use of PM-825 Porta-Matic (ST-1168) (.pdf files - Adobe Reader required)

    PM-825 Page 1

    PM-825 Page 2

    PM-825 Page 3

    PM-825 Page 4

    PM-825 Page 5

    PM-825 Page 6

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