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    Why Do I Need a Nexiq Pro-link IQ Hand-held Diagnostic Tool?

    Technicians have a huge selection of diagnostic hand tools to help them do their jobs. What makes one tool better than another? Find out why selecting the Nexiq brand is a smart choice for technicians.

    Car technicians have a lot of choices when it comes to diagnostics tools. If you are in the market for a hand-held vehicle diagnostic tool, you should definitely consider the Nexiq brand. Nexiq developed the Pro-Link IQ to be the new standard in diagnostic equipment by closely listening to their end users: the service technicians that actually use them. The end result is that the Pro-Link IQ is easy to use and easy to understand. The Pro-Link IQ uses very simple menus and message screens to direct the user through the available diagnostic tests which include engine tests, transmission tests, drive-ability tests, ABS tests and others.

    Should a technician need assistance, there is a demo to guide them that is accessible right through the Pro-Link IQ. Still can't figure it out? No problem. You can call or email the technical support team at Nexiq for answers. Nexiq also maintains a comprehensive technical support library that can be accessed right through their web site.

    Besides the ease in day to day use, the Nexiq Pro-Link IQ is simple to set up. You begin by installing the Companion software onto your computer from the disc. Once the software has been installed, you connect your Pro-Link IQ to the computer with a USB cable. Follow the steps shown on the computer to complete the installation.

    The Pro-Link IQ can be connected to specific HP Photosmart printers through the USB port so that the technicians can print out the test data to share with customers or for benchmarking purposes.

    If you're not familiar with the Nexiq brand, you can be assured of the quality by their reputation. Talk to other technicians who have worked with the Nexiq line. The Nexiq Pro-Link IQ is made in the USA. In fact, all the Nexiq hand products are manufactured in the USA.

    If you are ready to learn more about the state of the art Nexiq Pro-Link IQ diagnostic tools, you can read more about them on the Nexiq web site. If you're ready to make a purchase, then be sure you're buying the Pro-Link IQ from an authorized distributor like Apex Tools.

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