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    A Basic Diesel Tool Kit

    When you are starting your career as a diesel technician, you will need to stock your toolbox. Even if you have worked on diesel engines as a hobby and have accumulated some diesel tools, it's important to be sure you are now purchasing professional grade tools as hobby grade tools are not satisfactory for your new occupation.

    As you move along in your career, you will keep adding to your set of tools. Some of these additions will be necessary due to changing technology and other times it will occur as you desire to increase your ability to do a job better or faster.

    Here's a list of some basic tools to start:


    Rolling toolbox (5-12 drawers)

    Tape measure

    Circuit tester

    250 psi tire tester


    Mechanic's creeper

    Steel wire brush

    O-ring pick set

    Gasket scraper

    Rolling head pry bar

    Blow gun (look for OSHA approved)

    Safety glasses (OSHA approved)

    Telescope magnet (4€-9€)




    Battery terminal cleaner

    Test light 12V

    Terminal back probes

    Digital caliper (6€ range)




    Wire stripper


    Diagonal cutter

    Retaining ring

    Vise grip (7€ curved jaw & 10€ curved jaw)

    14€ lock ring

    Sockets sets:

    ¼ with ratchet and extensions

    3/16” – ½” (including metric) shallow 12 pt

    3/8 – 3/4” shallow 12 pt; deep with ratchet & extensions

    12 pt – metric ½ dr

    12 pt – standard deep pocket ½ dr, ¾ - 1 ¼

    Socket adaptor set


    Combination ¼” – 1 ¼”)

    Flare nut (3/8” – ¾”)

    Metric combo 12 pt (10-19mm)

    Adjustable 12”


    Phillips head set (#1, #2, #3)

    Regular slotted set (1/4” x 6”; 5/16” x 9”; 3/8” x 12”; stubby)

    Hex key sets



    10” (double cut)

    10” (course; round, bastard cut)



    Dead blow (24 oz or 2 lb)

    Ball peen (12 or 16 oz)

    Cross peen (32 oz)

    Punches & Chisels:

    Pin punch (1/8” and ¼”)

    Center punch (3/8”)

    Chisel (1/4” and ½”)

    Starter punch (3/8”)

    Brass drift

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